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RhapsodyCL setting directory for generated sources

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RhapsodyCL setting directory for generated sources

Postby larsra » February 6th, 2014, 2:47 pm


i'm trying to integrate Rhapsody in an automatic build toolchain based on CMake.
CMake executes the command line interface of rhapsody (RhapsodyCL) and i would like to set the destination directory for the source generation.
If i understand correctly, the destination directory can only be set inside the project in (Components->DefaultComponent->Features..->Directory).
Is there any way to set the directory externally? If necessary, i would also edit project files to accomplish this.

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Re: RhapsodyCL setting directory for generated sources

Postby Skywalker » February 18th, 2014, 12:53 pm

I do not believe, that this is available via command line.

But there should be several other options:
- you can set active component and active configuration via commandline and so switch between multiple components/configurations, which use a different output path,
- you should be able to put an environment variable into the path setting of the configuration (at least as a part of it) and then set the environment variable before invoking Rhapsody,
- you could access the Rhapsody Java-API (or the COM-API) to change such setting.

Just my thoughts on this, hope it helps.
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