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creating tasks statically

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creating tasks statically

Postby oakdemir » October 17th, 2011, 10:43 am


I have an application in which active classes are instantiated in the constructor of application class during initialization, very like :

class MyApplication
MyActiveClass1 myActiveObject1;
MyActiveClass2 myActiveObject2;

So tasks are created for each active class. This means calling CreateANSICTask() API for Integrity OS. So, tasks are created dynamically.

My application is to be deployed as a VAS (virtual address space) application, but there is a problem in MULTI environment that avoids debugging of dynamically created tasks in a VAS application. It allows debugging for only statically created tasks for VAS applications.

So, how can I force the task creation to be done statically ? Any suggestion?

Özgür Eser Akdemir
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