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UseCaseDiagram - UseCaseText - ActivityDiagram - UMLclassDia

Postby gommarbazz » March 15th, 2016, 1:14 am

Hi all,

I am new here and I was wondering if I can have some of your suggestions and comments on the following, for now, first quick question based on this case:

The case regards the development of the housing generator which is targeted for housing agencies. In this case the housing agency does more than searching and introducing accommodations to room house seekers. Costumers in this case can select neighbourhoods and design dwellings places that suits to their tastes and preferences instead of only select and contract accommodations that are registered from the typical agencies. This agency offers newly generated accommodations that are new within the housing market instead of preciously existed accommodations. That customers can have living places of their own that are different from others is the most distinctive and attractive aspect of the system.

The main user of this system will be the housing agencies instead of the costumers. The costumer (households) can access the website of the housing agency for subscription or filling in documents, but the main part of the system, characterized by finding suitable location and creation of living places, is mainly utilized by housing agencies.

The housing generator system finds the neighbourhoods where the residents want to live an generates floor plans of accommodation based on customer’s preferences that are formally documented. The location for residence is determined by matching location information in the location database and location preference.

Moreover, space of an apartment is organized in a way that the customers required in the housing preference document. As an outcome of the system, floor plans of an apartment in a specific neighbourhood are generated. The major task of a housing agency of the case is to find a neighbourhood and design a house that is satisfactory to the costumers.

The potential residents, customers of the housing agency, are able to select a location of residential area and also can design an apartment of one’s own. Finding location and generating a floor plan of an apartment are aided by information collected through questionnaires that customers filled in and the national database which contains land-use information according postal codes. By matching the neighbourhood preference to actual characteristics of the location, the system finds the best location for the customer. And based on the housing preference, floor plan of an apartment with the physical limitation of the building is generated by the system.

Therefor the system requires customer’s preference and personal information as well as environmental information of housing location as inputs. Whereas land-use information can be referred from the national database customer’s residential preference and personal information need to be collected at hand.

So the actors of our system are Household, Housing agency and Location Database. Preference document database is not an actor because due to its information that has been stored in the system; thus is inside the system.

A number of use cases can be distinguished now, such as:

‘Subscribe’ : which allows a household to subscribe to the Housing Agency
(precondition: Household is connected to the internet)

‘Make the preference document’ : allowed by the household
(precondition: Household is subscribed at the Housing Agency)

‘Match location and household’s preferred location’ : which is typical for the interaction with Housing Agency and Location Database
(precondition: Preference documents are filled in, locations and households are available)

‘Create floor plans of an apartment’ : For the benefit of Household and Housing Agency
(precondition: housing preference document is collected and the neighbourhood is chosen)

‘Design final building’ : which is the responsibility of Housing Agency.


1) Suggestions and comments on the UseCaseDiagram within the attachment
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