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Postby rhapsodyUser » August 31st, 2012, 1:17 pm

Hello forum,

at first we still use Rhapsody 7.5.1. :(

We have a problem regarding the hidden flag _eventsBaseID in *.sbs files. In these sbs-files we have events and classes with statecharts. The events have specific IDs (assigned manually per properties dialogue). Our packages don´t have an assigned eventsBaseID. The change of the eventsBaseID property in the package properties dialogue doesn´t change the value in the sbs-file. And when we set a value in the sbs-file we cannot see it in the properties dialogue.

Code: Select all
I-Logix-RPY-Archive version 8.5.2 C++ 1419348
{ ISubsystem
   - _ownerHandle = { IHandle
      - _m2Class = "ISubsystem";
      - _filename = "PKG_MyModels.sbs";
      - _subsystem = "";
      - _class = "";
      - _name = "PKG_MyModels";
      - _id = GUID 4f3736c5-1bc2-4e83-9e09-17defa258a9a;
   - _id = GUID 69c32cbe-dece-470a-84bb-e3424b6bc5a7;
   - _myState = 8192;
   - _name = "PKG_MyModels_FunctionA";
   - _lastID = 4;
   - weakCGTime = 8.31.2012::10:44:1;
   - strongCGTime = 8.31.2012::10:43:57;
   - _defaultComposite = GUID f1b8b04b-ea36-45a4-b0a1-3fd62688e1bd;
   - _eventsBaseID = 1801;

The problem is that we have huge projects and somehow this eventsBaseID overlaps with those from other packages. Our workaround is to set a random number manually in the sbs-file and trying to build the project. But this is no good way to do.

Any suggestions?
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