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Link creation using Java API

how to access or perform things by using the Rhapsody API (not how to use the UI)

Link creation using Java API

Postby manpe » September 30th, 2011, 4:05 pm


I am desperately trying to create a link object between two ports.
I have a class "ClassA" and its part "itsClassB" or type "ClassB". The port "PortA" is on the class "ClassA" and the port "PortB" is on the class "ClassB".
When I create a link on the diagram it looks more or less like this:
ClassA --- PortA <--- Link --> PortB --- itsClassB

The properties of the link created under "ClassA" in the browser are:
End1: itsClassB
ViaPort: PortB
End2: ClassA
ViaPort: PortA

This induces the correct code generation in the "initRelations()" method of "ClassA":
Code: Select all

I have tried in so many ways the "IRPLink com.telelogic.rhapsody.core.IRPPackage.addLink(IRPInstance fromPart, IRPInstance toPart, IRPRelation assoc, IRPPort fromPort, IRPPort toPort)" method to get the same result through the API but I did not get to the bottom of it.

I managed to create a Link between "ClassA" and "ClassB" in the same package where "ClassA" exists, with the following properties:
End1: ClassB
ViaPort: PortB
End2: ClassA
ViaPort: PortA

I have "ClassB" instead of "itsClassB" for End1. The problem in my eyes is that in the meta model the "part" which is "itsClassB" does not have a port under it. The port is located under the class "ClassB", but this is a Rhapsody constraint one cannot workaround.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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