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iFix1 for Rhapsody 8.3 available

iFix1 for Rhapsody 8.3 available

Postby wvdheiden » January 11th, 2018, 11:27 am

IBM has released the first iFix for the fresh Rhapsody 8.3. This is a good moment to give an overview of the available iFixes and versions.

Rhapsody 8.3 available!
On December 4, 2017, IBM has released the 8.3 version of Rhapsody, Build #9831308. This version includes many changes and improvements. The main changes are the model manager that replaces the design manager and the new file format for the model files, this changed from a proprietary format to XML. For more information: http://rhapsody.blog

IBM iFixes
For existing releases, IBM delivers iFix patches that will solve bugs in this versions. You only need the last iFix, every iFix includes all previous iFixes for that version. If there is an iFix for the Rhapsody version you use it is recommended to install that.

Version iFix
8.3 iFix1
8.2.1 iFix1
8.2 iFix3
8.1.5 iFix3
8.1.4 iFix5
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