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computer name at RiCOXFInit

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computer name at RiCOXFInit

Postby ph2nd » February 27th, 2014, 3:58 pm

Everytime we generate our code, Rhapsody generates our computer name in MainComponent.c (e.g. MainBlinky.c). So our *.hex files wasn't comparable. But the variable with the computer name isn't used in our RiCOXFInit(), because we're using the Willert Framework OORTX. So we try several settings to remove the computer name in the generated file.
Now, we found the option in our properties of the project. Filter the properties with 'host'. With this you can see "RemoteHost" and "UseRemoteHost". RemoteHost is a empty string and "UseRemoteHost" is a check box.
If you don't want to have your computer name as value of RiCOXFInit() there are 2 ways to avoid this:

1.) Uncheck "UseRemoteHost" => In the place of the computer name is a empty string
2.) Keep "UseRemoteHost" checked and write any fixed text in "RemoteHost" => In the place of the computer name is the fixed string

With both options you get reproduceable, generated code without computer specific values.
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