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Multiple Versions of Rhapsody on one machine

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Multiple Versions of Rhapsody on one machine

Postby Archive » August 16th, 2011, 2:34 pm

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In some cases you want to install different Versions of Rhapsody. One case might be that you want to change the Rhapsody Version but you want first evaluate that there are no problems.

all Major Releases can be installed parallel, without problems because they use different GUID's. Maintenance releases like
Rhapsody 7.1.1M1 and 7.1.1M2 are also possible, but here the user has to look at some things and Maintenance Releasesof the same Major Release uses the same GUID


Two ore more Rhapsody Versions (different GUID)
- Rhapssody uses 2 .ini files. These are:

* rhapsody.ini
* diffmerge.ini

They are default stored in the windows directory. When started Rhapsody will look for them in the directory where Rhapsody is installed and then in the windows directory.
When it finds the file there it will use it.

The problem is that the format of the .ini file changes with the Rhapsody version. So when you have edited in the older Rhapsody version and then starts a new Rhapsody version it will not recognize the .ini file and rewrite it.
So what you have to do is before you install a new version of Rhapsody:
MOVE (YES MOVE, not COPY) the .ini files from the windows directory to the Rhapsody install directory.
Then install the other Rhapsody (In another directory please....) after installing start that and move the ini files to the new install directory.

Install 2 Maintenance Releases of the same Major Release
The steps of the first solution are also needed. In this case the user has to move the installed Rhapsody version to a different folder and than he had to use the uninstall routine from add/remove Programs from the Windows system control. The next steps are described in the first solution.


It is now pretty safe to use both versions although there are some risks.
- The last installed version is the version that is used when you double klick on a rhapsody file
- There are probably some dll's registered in the registry. This could lead to problems.
- Models opened with the newest Rhapsody Version can not be opened with a older version.
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