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Missing: The Rhapsody Wishlist.

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Missing: The Rhapsody Wishlist.

Beitragvon wvdheiden » Oktober 16th, 2007, 1:45 pm

Missing is a Wishlist. We should divide that in:
Rhapsosy common, GUI, C, C++, Java, Ada and perhaps some more.

This is a list of things we would like to see in Rhapsody in C (But also in Rhapsody).
- No more "protected" in menu´s in RiC
- More consistent UI (Select-List for private/public in operation, radiobutton in attribute)
- Close tabs with right-click menu (or double-click as in UltraEdit)
- Double-click on an error will bring you to a statechart where the offending element is colored blue. It will stay blue until the window is re-drawn.
- Better support for parallel statecharts. The drawing is difficult and cannot be edited. How difiicult can that be??
- When the last line of a comment ends with a . then the editor will treat the rest of the file as comment
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Beitragvon make » Oktober 17th, 2007, 11:24 am

I would like to add some points:

- Navigating through the Features dialog using the Tab-key is not really possible, since I cannot reach the OK button and the order of the focus on items is not useful. After being in the text field pressing Tab should result in focussing the corresponding button next to the text field, i. e. the L button next to the Name text field.

- Why has the Accessor/Mutator name be in the following format if a attribute myattrib has to be accessed: getMyattrib/setMyattrib?
getmyattrib/setmyattrib would be more intuitive in my opinion, what would happen if I had also an attribute called Myattrib?

- Why are underscores (_) used in the default names of elements? This makes it more difficult to read the generated code. It might also lead beginners to use _ in their element names.

- Changing/Displaying the stereotype of a variable in the variable list of a file in the file feature dialog.

- Stretching an object should not stretch the containing object by default.
(That's only I minor wish)
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