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Connecting flowports using a link?

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Connecting flowports using a link?

Beitragvon padmaiyenghar » Dezember 5th, 2013, 12:20 am


In the attached sample model (flowPortTest.rar) involving two classes and flow ports, why can't the flow ports be connected using a link? What's wrong/missing?

simple flow port connect
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Re: Connecting flowports using a link?

Beitragvon Skywalker » Dezember 5th, 2013, 12:42 pm

I cannot download and open your model, since I have no installation available on my current machine.
But anyhow, the rules are like that, if you want to link flow ports and use them in generated code:
* the ports need to match (one class has an outgoing, the other class has an incoming flow port, both must use the same data type for the flow port)
* if ports shall be tied to an internal attribute, then a class attribute with the same name and the same data type as used at the flow port must exist.
* links cannot be drawn between flow ports of classes, links only connect flow ports of objects (instances of classes) with each other.

If you follow above rules for flow ports, it should work.

Hope this helps.
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