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How to model an embedded system with UML?

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How to model an embedded system with UML?

Beitragvon Nancy » November 14th, 2014, 3:55 pm

Hello members,

I am a student, i work on a project that involves modeling a FPGA card, an application in UML, and implement an algorithm to assign each task of the application to a hardware resource, while optimizing the cost of the implementation in terms of speed, power consumption and space.

As i am a beginner in UML, i want to know:

+ What environment used for modeling in UML?

+ Is it a uml profile where we can model the platform, the application and make a connection between them?

I searched in internet, but i have not found a concrete example to take as a reference, if anyone can help me i would be very reconnaisant for him.

Thank you!!!
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