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RhapsodyCL returns unknown return code

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RhapsodyCL returns unknown return code

Postby DjCisco » February 1st, 2019, 11:25 am

Hi Everybody.

I am using RhapsdoyCL to automate code generation sometimes RhapsodyCL returns the following return code: -1072365566

This returned code is however not listed in the IBM Knowledge Center (see list below).

Does anyone info on this return code?

The following return codes are used for both RhapsodyCL.exe and Rhapsody.exe.
-1: license file not found
0: success, no errors occurred
100: failed to open the project file
101: the edition of Rhapsody you are running does not allow code generation
102: code generation failed
103: failed to load the project
104: failed to create or write to the code generation folder
105: errors were found in check model
106: unresolved elements in scope
107: error in the name of the component or configuration specified
108: build failednot listed
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